Company History

In the year 1912 Bernhard Hermann founded his family business in Sonneberg which he named after his initials "BE HA" and started to produce teddy bears and dolls.

In 1948 he along with his sons moved his business to Hirschaid near Bamberg, todays site of the company. It is here that the actual rise of the company to one of the most renowned in its industry branch began, accompanied by the change of the company name to Teddy-Pl├╝schspielwarenfabrik Gebr. Hermann KG, with the three sons of the founder as general partners.

Todays enterprise, the Teddy-Hermann GmbH, is directed by Margit Drolshagen. Traudel Mischner-Hermann is in charge of the design and quality of the collectors bears made in Germany. So the granddaughters continue the tradition of the family business by producing premium teddy bears and plush animals.